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We are specialized in manufacturing Soft and foldable PVC copper wire Static electricity isolation blanket dog shock mat furniture protectors from cats, etc. for over many years. In recent years, we've updated technologies or higher-efficiency manufacturing of the product. Its application ranges have been expanded to the field(s) of Other Pet Training & Behavior Products. In the process of continuous entrepreneurial innovation, Shenzhen Yufeng Technology Co., Ltd. always adhere to the business philosophy of 'quality comes first'. We will grasp the opportunities of the times and always keep up with the industry trends. We believe that one day we will become one of the leading enterprises in the global market.

Place of Origin:Guangdong, ChinaBrand Name:Pet Enjoy
Model Number:M-3016SFeature:Sustainable, Stocked
Application:DogsItem Type:Repellents
Material:Plastic, PVCProduct name:Dog Training Pad
Size:30*16 inchCertificate:CE ROHS
Battery:Use 9V battery (no including)Function:dog training,learn good manner
Keyword:Dog Training PadPacking:Color Box
Type:Pet Training ProductsTraining Products Type:Other

Soft and foldable PVC copper wire Static electricity isolation blanket dog shock mat furniture protectors from cats

Product Description


Scat Mat Indoor Pet Training Mat (S2048/3016/1260) 1. Indoor training for dogs and cats that's simple to use 20 pcs/carton
2. 3 Easy-to-use training options including tone and static correction .Tone+Stimulation, Tone without Stimulation and Stimulation without Tone.  

Carton Size:37*28*44cm


3. Lightweight and portable for training in any room  G.W.: 8 .7 KGS
4. Low battery indicator   
5. Operates on a 9-volt alkaline battery (not included)  
6. Color: White  
7. Item Weight: 0.383KGS      
8.Material: PVC  
9. Gift box size: 8.6*5.2*42CM  
10.Certificate: CE / RoHS  




Shock mat offers three training options:


1) Tone + Stimulation.

2) Tone without Stimulation.

3) Stimulation without Tone.

Dog training shock mat


Automatic Indoor Pet Training Help your cat or dog learn good house manners by keeping them off furniture or counters, or out of selected rooms. Shock mat emits a mild, harmless static pulse when your pet touches it. Pets soon learn which parts of your home they should avoid. (without Battery)




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What is the range for the Outdoor Bark Control?

The Outdoor Bark Control detects barking and sends the ultrasonic sound up to 50 feet.

Is the Outdoor Bark Control effective on all dogs?

The product may not work on deaf or hearing impaired dogs.

Will the Outdoor Bark Control work for multiple dogs?

Yes, it is effective on all dogs within range of the Outdoor Bark Control.

Can I use the Outdoor Bark Control indoors?

No, we do not recommend using the product indoors. It is an ultrasonic product that can be used indoors.

Can a dog become desensitized to the ultrasonic sound?

There are some situations where dogs become desensitized. To avoid this, only turn the Outdoor Bark Control on during periods of unwanted barking (i.e.leave it off when you are away).

Can humans hear the ultrasonic sound?

The ultrasonic sound cannot be heard by humans. Occasionally the speaker may vibrate which can make a sound.

Troubleshooting! The green LED light stopped flashing and there is no red light.

• Ensure that the battery is properly installed.

• Replace the battery.

• If the green LED light is still not flashing, contact us

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